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Catalytic Converters, Scrap Copper and E-Waste


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Tons each year

THE Challange

PGMs (Platinum Group Metals) are mined in huge quantities all over the world. It totals over 450 tons each year. This includes platinum, palladium, and rhodium with a growing proportion of PGMs recovered from the recycling process of automotive catalysts, electronic waste and jewelry.


Metal is a highly recyclable material that may be processed in a variety of ways. Global environmental concern is growing, as is the need to recycle as much garbage as possible, particularly products that might otherwise wind up in landfills.


Recycling metal is regarded as an environmentally friendly practice because:


It reduces the demand for the virgin metal


Eliminates the energy and costs related to extracting virgin metals


Conserves valuable natural resources



We constantly work in accordance with global recycling standards and maintain complete compliance with local environmental agencies.



We have close relationships with a number of refineries, and we work with those that provide the best return for specific PGMs for each consignment. This allows us to provide the best financial return to our customers.


Cutting-Edge Technology

We use cutting–edge technologies to process Steel and Ceramic Catalytic Converters. We can discuss flexible payment terms, processing times, and quotation methods based on the needs of our individual clients.

We guarantee:

Allow our team of professionals to make the process of recovering these materials simple for you.

Our Products

Catalytic Converters

We are interested in purchasing catalytic converters with both metal and ceramic cores. In our facility, we de-can and crush catalytic converters, do analyses and provide you with the best value based on current metal market prices. For your convenience, we provide a quick settlement.


Our Products

Scrap Copper

Material collected from end-of-life-products, such as cables and wires, electric hardware etc. The reason why copper is widely used in electrical wiring is that copper does not lose its electrical connectivity over time and is extremely durable. This means that it does not easily deteriorate in landfills, thus it is important we re-use it. The copper recycling process uses up to 90% less energy than mining virgin copper ore. Let us help you keep the planet a cleaner place by reducing landfills and giving you the best prices for your copper scrap in the market.

Our Products

Electronic Waste

We buy and recycle a wide variety of printed circuit boards, processors, RAMs, ECUs and many more electronic waste items. We offer a short turnaround time, fair evaluation and fast settlement for your convenience. Get in touch with our team of specialists for more detailed information.



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